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BREAKING! "Russian Spy" Natalia Veselnitskaya Attended Anti-Trump Rallies

So, it turns out that the real secert Russian connection conspiracy is actually working against Donald Trump. This is something anyone paying attention should be able to tell, Because how does America becoming more nationalist help a foreign nation ? It Doesn't.

We already knew the Anti-Trump crowd was being backed by shady Russian elements, this was found out right after the inauguration. Here is the video highlighting different characters involved in organizing protests and their links to Russia.

American Research Center has also done a follow up video covering the links between The Soviet Union and Islam. If this is a rabbit hole you're willing to go down, I'd recommend taking a look at the man presumed by some to be Obama's real father, Frank Marshal Davis.

A Soviet supported, Communist propagandist. It makes sense with Obama's agenda to want to cover this up, that and the nude pictures of Obama's Mom published by Davis

Even if Davis isn't the father of Obama, and just some dude that had his CIA agent mother turnt out,

Davis was still a huge influence on a young Barack. We know this from Obama himself, as he talks about spending summers with "Uncle Frank".

Honestly, It doesn't matter if you follow this theory or Dinesh D'Souza's theory of Obama following his African father's Anti-Colonialist attitude. Between those two and other influences and mentors like Bill Ayers, is it really any surprise that "radically transform America" was just a euphemism for burn the house down.

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